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Paint matching center

We give cars color

We match paints more accurately than any other competitors because we use catalogs of colors of our own making



With paint and brush

Remove rust, chips, and scratches by yourself for just 199 UAH


Aerosol can

color matching and refill

A perfect 400 ml sized help-mate for unaided renovation of bumpers, sites, mirrors for just 399 UAH



color matching


color matching

We accurately match paint for your car. We use our own filing cabinet and a unique selection technique from several mixer paint systems of the American and Chinese manufacturers. We use a spectrophotometer. We do test samples for correct color correction

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Paint canning

by color code on the car

Paint canning

by color number on the car

Color matching by number on the back of your car, or by make, model, year of manufacturing and V.I.N.-code of the car. We use the official program to find the paint code. To mix car paint more accurately, it is possible to use a spectrophotometer.

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can refill


can refill

We match paint and fill with it spray cans with solvent. Spay cans from the European manufacturer has a high-quality plastic sprayer and about 400 ml of product on the output. Instructions for use are provided.

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restoration pencil


restoration pencil

We match or mix paint by number. We fill in an individual restoration pencil for chips and scratches. The pencil consists of a plastic bottle and a safe cap with a brush. The bottle contains 50 ml of thick paint.

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Order the paint by a click

We will call you back and clarify the details

Our services

color laboratory

offers a solution for the overall painting of a car (from 3 liters):

1 liter of car enamel from 999 UAH by the serial number

Paint matching by the original recipe guarantees exact shade match
  • Paint matching by sample (gas tank hatch or car bodyshop cut)
  • Mixing by number / code of paint on a car.
  • Matching and filling of spray can.
  • Creation of an individual restoration pencil.
  • Matching and sale of structural enamel for plastic, bumpers.
  • Color matching for leather and plastic of the car interior
  • Selling primers, clearcoats additives and polishes for bottling
  • Selling pigments and powder pigments
  • Auto products shop here
Paint selection: step by step
Color sample
For the correct paint matching, you must send us a sample. Usually this is a car part (for example, a gas tank hatch) or a cut-out from a bodyshop of at least 20X20 cm in size.
Our manager will inform you of the payment method and details.
Important information
Our manager contacts you to collect information and a consult. We will also help with the selection of supplies for painting cars from our online store
We match the color to the maximum congruence. The team of technologists works on the result. We use our own file cabinet created during over 20 years, as well as a device for color photographing.
Matching result

Done! In your package : a test sample of the color of the selected paint
– detailed instructions and a
– description of the method of application
– an individual service recipe

  We advise you to look

Answers to the most pressing questions about of car paint matching in an exclusive video from the company “Svetofor”

Free delivery

For orders over 1 000 UAH

Why us?
We match colors in the laboratory conditions. We work with 3 mixing paint systems. We use our own database. We handle cars from America, China, Japan, Europe …
Our technologists develop recipes for unique compounds. They fulfill orders in the shortest time possible. Over 18 years of experience combined with professional equipment give excellent results.
Pricing policy
When buying paint from over 1 liter, the cost of paint per 100 grams drops twofold!
The filter for paint filtration and a napkin for degreasing – as a gift!
About us in numbers
Convincing statistics



years of experience

in color matching

cars are

already a delight for the eye

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